Sometimes, information in a fandom can become so over-used that it appears to become a 'canon' fact when it has never even been mentioned in the fandom. Hopefully, some of these issues in the Max Steel fandom should be cleared up here.

Known Canon facts

Josh's college courses are: Engineering (Major), History, English and one 'unknown' course.

Pete's college courses are: History, Math (possible major?)and two 'unknown' courses, one of which may be his major.

Laura's college courses are: (Marine) Biology (Major?) and three 'unknown' courses, one of which could possibly be her major, although taking a year to do research for a minor subject seems a little extreme.

Jo, Josh's fan in season two, is ten years old (as stated by the official site, which has now been removed).

Jefferson Smith is forty-seven years old (according to a novelization of Sacrifices).

Josh is ninteen years old, and he and Pete are in the same year at college.

When Kat was younger she used to be in a gang

Potential Fanon information

Is Dread really Nathanson in disguise?

According to Greg Grunberg (one of the main writers of the first season), Marco Nathanson and John Dread are two completely separate people. If it makes you feel better, Greg was actually leading viewers to believe that they were the same person.

Josh is four when Jim dies!

Yes, according to Greg, Josh was four when Jim died

Jim died in an explosion at N-Tek

While Jim did die in an explosion, it was not at N-Tek, or at least not stated specifically. Once again, Greg has said that Jim died in an explosion while on a mission, but he didn't say anything more.

Berto is from Columbia

Yes, Berto is from Columbia (according to Greg once again).

Misc. Information

According to Greg, Rachel is around twenty-six years old, Jake is thirty-two and Dr. Yveshenko's first name appears to be Elena.

L'√Čtranger's female guards are from an organization called Sirens. Foundation Imaging used the models for the Sirens to create more female-looking DREAD guards (in Scions), but there were always female guards in DREAD from the beginning.